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Outsource Medical Data Processing Services with i-TechDataSoft

Medical data processing can become extremely messed up, if you do not attach efficient processes to manage it. Such a mess can cause unwanted claims, duplicated claims, delayed execution, and, eventually affect your profits. You can choose to streamline your healthcare data processing by choosing to outsource the same with i-TechDataSoft Solution. We at i-TechDataSoft are experts in providing medical data processing services for our global clients in the healthcare/medical/insurance industry.

Medical Data Processing for following forms

  • HCFA claims 1500/CMS1500 forms
  • UB92 (Single/Multi/Attachment/COB) forms
  • UB04 forms
  • CTP forms
  • Dental Claims forms
  • RX claims forms
  • Medicaid forms
  • Foreign claims forms
  • Super bill
  • Medicare RP forms
  • Miscellaneous (complex / non-standard) forms
  • Enrolment Forms Processing (EFP)
  • Vision Claims forms

Steps we follow

  • Data Receipt (Physical/Soft Copies)
  • Scanning (Physical Copies)
  • Identification
  • Clean Up
  • Stacking
  • Data Processing as per required fields
  • Quality Checks
  • Dispatch

What Makes i-TechDataSoft Unique From Other Medical Data Outsourcing Companies?

  • Our data processing services are experts in healthcare/medical/insurance claims processing and process your claims with efficient analytical skills, and not like a mindless activity
  • Our expertise are specifically trained for medical data processing services and provide dedicated medical BPO
  • We know and understand the intricacies of International insurance regulations and work according to your specific needs, in compliance to international medical data processing standards and regulations
  • We provide maximum efficiency, quick turnaround time, accurate recording and up-to-date maintenance of records
  • You can be totally confident about the security of your data as we follow stringent data security systems and legally binding security policies

Contact us to take the first step towards hassle-free and streamlined medical data, by outsourcing medical data processing services of your organization with i-TechDataSoft.

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