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i-TechDataSoft Core Services:

Data Entry Services

We interpret that information is the lifeblood of your firm and that accurate and efficient data entry is critical for performing transactions, decision making and client documentation.

Software Developement Services

i-TechDataSoft has been partnering with software product companies in delivering world-class software product development solutions within competitive time frames.

Web Development Services

i-techdatasoft provides web development services to help enterprises like yours accelerate time-to-market and maximize ROI using latest technologies ASP.NET, PHP.

Graphics Designing Services

i-TechDataSoft offers graphics designing services for the various industries to ramp up the unique visibility in the current market. Our expertise creates unique and genuine designs to keep you step ahead in the industry.

B2B Email Database

There are massive business competitions in around the world to rank-up business with highest revenue which contains the details of business individuals to approach them directly via email/mass mailing.

Medical Data Processing

Medical data processing can become messed up, if you do not attach efficient processes to manage it. Such a mess can cause unwanted claims, delayed execution and eventually affect your profits.

i-TechDataSoft Data Entry Services:

Data Processing Services

Data processing and information systems are a must-have in an organization.Large volumes of raw data or are involved with small amounts of data, you know that data is vital to your business.

Data Conversion

Data which is not used adequately is not just junk, but also a burden on any organization. But when structured, digitized and effectively presented, the same data will help you in effective decision making.

Onlne Catalogue

At I-TechDataSoft, we have a team of core professionals who have expertise in the different phases involved in producing, maintaining and updating catalogs for a variety of e-commerce websites.

OCR Services

OCR is the automated or electronic translation of data into an automatic machine-editable text. Usually caught by a scanner, data entry through OCR is quicker, more precise and more efficient than keystroke data entry.

Scanning Services

If you have been playing with paper documents you will know that apart from pleasing up space, finding and pulling up data from them takes up valuable time and resources.

Indexing Services

i-TechDataSoft leverage sophisticated technology to provide indexing services to worldwide customers. With us taking care of the non-core areas, you can wrench your attention towards building core competencies.

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